Stone Age QSL

I enjoy QSLs, OK – Let’s get that out of the way up front. I design them, share them, and especially appreciate receiving them. So it comes as no surprise to any who know me that I also particularly enjoy those cards which are a few bubbles off plumb – and this one from 1979 most definitely fits the bill.

(Click for a larger view)

I suppose I never looked closely enough to observe the full imagery and symbolism of this original art from I1QGZ until just recently.

What you have here is a depiction of a Stone Age man, pounding out a CQ (literally) to the dismay of his neglected significant other. Our early amateur appears to have the very latest in sophisticated gear at his disposal too, utilizing the amplification of a megaphone-shaped hollow tree trunk for signal gain and has mastered the ability to send simultaneously with both hands, greatly enhancing his code speed. Despairing of affection, his forlorn XYL is shown tempting him with forbidden fruit, while shedding tears of sorrow and alienation.

And in the forefront, all that remains of a conquered suitor is a skull, displaying the earliest known usage of a Q-signal … the plaintive QRU.

I have nothing more for you … I’ve given my all.


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